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Monday, May 21, 2007

STR Sock Candy Dragon Socks Finished

STR Sock Candy

Dragon pattern
yarn: Socks That Rock Sock Candy (cotton)
color: Hurricane
needles: addi turbo 2.5 mm

These socks took me a long time to finish. I kept setting them aside. I've been looking for a yarn that would be cooler to wear, something lighter than wool. I'm not sure that these really fit the bill. Although they are nearly all cotton (there is something like 4% elastic) they make a thick sock. My feet were quite toasty in them! The cotton is nice to knit with and they seem to keep their shape well. It will be interesting to see how they wear.

The other interesting thing I learned in these is that there is a heel option so much better for short rows then the "wrapped" heel (shown on the left). On the right is the Sherman Heel, look no holes!!! This is quite easy to do and looks much better then the wrapped variant.


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