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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finished Christmas Scarf for Mom!

It's only 6 months late! Sad but true, this was the scarf I was knitting for my mom for Christmas. I made her take this picture with it on for the blog. She wasn't really going out in it with the unmatching shirt (she wanted me to make sure no one thought that!). The scarf was done with three yarns: Noro Silk Garden (color #8), some blue green mohair, and some blue green ladder ribbon. The needles were some jumbo size 15s. All the non knitters were so impressed by this scarf. My sister wants one. They were way more impressed by this EASY knitting then some of the more complicated things I did like socks or the other scarf I had. So now I better get working on one for my sister and maybe I will finish by winter! I did also give her the STR Jewl of the Nile socks.


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