Greyhounds and Knitting

Or alternatly titled, "Bridget Struggles to Knit Something Other Than Socks and Occasionally Posts Pictures of Her Greyounds"

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mystery Sock KAL

I joined anotherKnitalong!

The purpose of this one is this KAL is to find a pattern on the internet that has no picture and knit it. The reason is because most people don't want to knit a pattern with out at least getting some idea what it would look like first. So there are all of these poor sad patterns languishing in obscurity that might be quite nice. I used the Wayback Machine to find a pattern that is no longer being hosted anywhere so I will truly bring it back from the dead (mysterious maniacal laughter inserted here). The pattern is called simply Lacey Sock. It will be a challenge to me because it has a picot edge which involves a provisional cast on which I always thinks sounds to complicated to bother with. The yarn I'm thinking of using is some pretty Claudia's Handpaint in grassy greens. I haven't started yet so this is still subject to change but as soon as I have something with a few repeats I'll post a picture

Bonus Falling Leaves

Here are some beautiful Falling Leaves knit for my by my friend Valorie. I think she may have felt obligated in some way to give these to me as I gave her so many not so subtle hints about how beautiful this koigu colorway was. Sure she said they came out too big for her but I think she must have really wanted me to have them. :)

The colors in this koigu are incredible. The purples range from light to bright and there are shades of brown and charcoal. I love the color so much I have an automatic search on ebay in case some comes up.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Falling Leaves: Finally a Completed Pair

Started: June 22nd

Finished: Aug. 5th

Pattern: Falling Leaves

Yarn: Koigu

Needles: Addi 2mm (2 circs)

I ended up really enjoying making these socks. I initially had started them with different yarn on size 2.5 mm needles and they were just too big. These fit really well. I ran out of batteries on my camera so didn't get a picture of them on but you can see them the one on in the previous post. I also really enjoyed using the koigu and everyone says they look better in person!

Started Baudelaire Sock

Started: August 6th
Pattern: Baudelaire
Needles: Addi 2.5 mm (circs)
Yarn: Koigu

When I saw these socks on knitty I was so impressed. I think they are really elegant looking. Since I tend not to knit much with solid yarns (do I ever?) I picked out some of the prettiest and most subtle yarn in my stash. It is the most beautiful shades of blue, light purple, and a khaki green. I figured that the colors would be subtle enough that the lace pattern would still show up. I'm not so sure that it is working for me, not sure the pattern stands out as much with this yarn. I will say that the lace stitch looks way more intimidating than it is! It is actually easily memorized.

unfortunately things could not go perfectly smooth. I've only done a couple of toe up socks and haven't quite gotten the hang of when to start the heel. I went a bit too far up the foot and now the socks are too long. The heel was a new one for me and a fair bit of knitting (lots of purl rows) and actually came out really well so I decided rather than rip that all back I'd undo the toe. It took a bit but was able to pick out the magic cast on.

So with any luck I can decrease the toe and make it shorter.

Check out for more pictures of this pattern.