Greyhounds and Knitting

Or alternatly titled, "Bridget Struggles to Knit Something Other Than Socks and Occasionally Posts Pictures of Her Greyounds"

Monday, February 27, 2006

Back on Track

So after figuring out where I went wrong which was basically continuing on the foot as if it were pretty much the same as the ankle and not really paying attention I am back on track with the sock monster. Hope to have this one finished tomorrow. I've been working on my Herringbone Scarf as I've got some beautiful new KOIGU crepe yarn (thanks Cindi!) and I'm excited to try something like Knitty's Branching Out.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Revenge of the SockNess Monster

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Things were going swimmingly with the sock-ness monster all the way though the first three repeats. People admired the color, the pattern, my cleverness at doing such a marvelous pattern, etc. Did the heel flap, turned the hell, gussets, then started the second chart on the foot. Ack. You knew things were going to good to be true! Just having lots of trouble getting things right on foot for some reason. Things not matching up. So My thought is to rip it back and give it one more time or to make some sort of twisted rib pattern down the foot. Would match the ribbing on the top of the sock. Sigh.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pomatomus aka The Sock Monster

Knitty Pomatomus
Yarn: Fleece Artist Sock Yarn
needles: CP 1.5
Started: 2/16/06

This yarn is beautiful. The shades of pink from a purple to a light pink wih brown combined for a very rich color. It appears a bit lighter and brighter in this picture in the sun than it does in real life. The yarn is very nice to work with. It is odd to have the sock on three needles instead of four as I'm use to.
The pattern so far, and I dare not get too cocky, has been easier than I thought. It looks really intimidating but the rows go in a logical progression, just moving the position of the YO and the K2TOG TBL. Now the foot pattern looks much harder so we shall see! So far I'm very happy with how this sock is going.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

FruitLoop Jawalkers Completed!

Pattern: Jaywalker! Need I say more?
Started: 1/10/06
Finished: 2/14/06
Yarn: Opal that I got from an ebay seller I think from the Netherlands.
Needles: CP size 1
Pattern Modifications: I started these with the larger cast on but realized they would be too big so I decreased down to the smaller size and I like the way the cuff is actually tapered.

I'm really pleased with how these came out. I wore them already today. I think they should wear well. I called them 'Fruitloop' because the colors reminded me of the cereal. I didn't think to much of the color when I first saw it but I think it's pretty cool knitted up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The End: Jaywalker 2006

I didn't win the drawing for the STR but I feel great because

AND I finished the FruitLoop Jayalkers by my goal of Feb. 14th the last day of the knitalong!
I love these socks and I will have pictures up tomorrow. For anyone who is counting that was two completed pairs of Jayalkers. This ends my first ever knitalong but I will be Jaywalking much more to come!
Thanks Cara for the fun and inspiration.

How cool is this? I watched Cindi and Phil's greyhounds Newell and Oliver when they took a short cruise to Mexico and they brought me this bag! Perfect size for carrying sock knitting around.

And just because it was sunny today and I had the camera out, I just had to show off my new STR.

And my pretty new robin's egg blue Alpaca!

And here is something really great,
to help with the dreaded Second sock syndrome. My friend megan and I each knitted one sock and then gave it to the other. So we each got to knit a different pattern and with a different color. This is the one she did for me in a ribbed cuff out of LL' Iris.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Like the blog says, greyhounds and knitting

Family Photo Zephyr and his kids (from left to right): Xanthus, Yardley, Zephyr, Bailey

Taken yesterday when we all went on a hike. Pups are 10 months now!

Progress on the FruitLoop Jaywalkers. I can't wait to finish these!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


I went to Tacoma for the Madrona Fiber Arts to see the vendors and especially to see the famous Socks that Rock Yarn that is "on tour". I have never felt more like a groupie. I felt giddy surrounded by all that beautiful yarn. Unfortunately they were short on the lightest weight which is the one I use but I got to see lots of colors in person that I'd only seen on the web site and many that were not on the sites. So beautiful in person. Toni of the Fold and Tina of Blue Moon Fiber are both very sweet and patient with all the indecision and fawning over their yarn. I showed them my Jaywalkers and asked them to guess the color way and Terry got it right away. I wish I had thought to take a picture of them with all their yarn. I nearly forgot there were other booths there! Still, did check out everything and there was some great stuff. I got some beautiful blue alpaca that I keep rubbing against my cheek, it is so soft. I'll put up pics on my day off Monday. From STR I got Prove it All Night and Jewel of the Nile. I don't know what it is about this stuff, it is so addicting. I have more yarn then I can knit in the next 6 months but I can't help but wanting more. Especially when the colors are so tempting like the STR. The STR is coming back to Seattle next month and I asked Terry bring Garnet Dream and County Clare. I can think of at least 10 others that I'd like to have too.
Sadly, crunch time with the FruitLoop Jaywalkers hasn't been very productive. Not much knitting on those in the last couple eves. after work.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A quick update

Haven't updated in awhile the WIP. Here are the Fuitloop Jaywalkers. I'm trying to complete this 2nd pair before the end of the Knitalong. I'm not sure if doing two pairs will give me two chances to win the STR but it will feel good to get two pairs done. I'm doing the heel flap of the 2nd sock. I broke a needle in my haste to get the picture which was a bummer but I figure I can always use more size 1s.

This scarf is in Manos and I'm really like doing the pattern. I think it will shape up a bit better when it is blocked. I'm testing the pattern for Lifes A Stitch.

I finally bought a pair of circulars to do the socks on two circs method. I got this perdoit and Periwinkle STR yarn when it was on a sale from Toni at the Fold. To be honest it isn't my favorite color. It is a bright yellow, a yellow green, light blue, and a bright purple. I still love the feel of the yarn and I tried the Cascading Leaves pattern (this one and Jayalker are two that I'm familiar with so I thought it would be best to try something I already knew from knitting with dpns) with it but just trying on this little bit showed that it was going to be huge and it's on addi 1s so I may end up doing another Jaywalker after all.