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Friday, October 05, 2007

GreyhoundKnitter now on Ravelry!

I'm on Ravlery so if you are too check me out. I'm GreyhoundKnitter. Ravlery has been talked about so much on all the knitting blogs and lists and with the waiting lists making it seems so exclusive I thought it would be a lot of hype. This is not the case. I'm so impressed with this site. By waiting and adding more users slowly they have managed to iron out what must have been lots of bugs. I have had no problems, it is well organized and easy to use. I love to know what other knitters did with a particular yarn or pattern and this makes it so much easier than googling and going though all the blogs.


At 5:57 AM, Anonymous IHateToast said...

i've just checked. more after me than before. where i like to be.

how long were you on the list? have you seen that yarn called vitreous humor or something like that?

At 5:45 PM, Anonymous IHateToast said...

ah. found you.


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