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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Details for the Broadripple adaptation

Annette asked for what I did for the broadripple socks. I had to change the numbers in the repeats to make the numbers even for two circular needles. I'm posting it here so that when I come back to work on the pattern again I won't have lost or forgotten what I did and have to recreate the details which would be a pain in the ass since I even made a graph paper chart to figure it out!
Yarn: STR Jewel of the Nile
Needles: addi size 1 circulars
Cast on: 64 stitches
The stitch is the same for the Garter Ripple and the Ripple Stitch.
K2, YO, K4, SSK, K2 tog, K4, YO, K2
I only did a small sample but did slip it on and it was plenty big.


At 10:11 AM, Blogger Annette said...

Many thanks for posting your changes. This is the only combination that I didn't try. I tried extending the first K2 to K3 and didn't like the way this made long flat regions between the hills. I also tried decreasing to K1 on the larger needles and didn't like that effect either.
But I like the change you made between the YOs better. The question is, was my gauge right for this on the 2.5 mm that I was using, or do I switch back to the US1 I initially tried or go ahead and try the 2.75 mm needles. Decisions . . . decisions. Guess I'll be swatching again!


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